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Pressure Repair Kit

Pressure Repair Kit

Pressure Repair Kit

Product ID:TPI103618
Part Number:TPIPR-KIT
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Telepak's Splice & Seal™ Pressure Repair Kit. Designed for repair of cable under continuous or static air pressure. Will accommodate up to 3.4” diameter cable (3600 pair). Lead or Poly sheath cable, PASP (Double Sheath) repairs may require additional materials.

TPI-12010 12" Sleeving, 30" 1 Roll
TPI-6010 6" Sleeving, 30" 1 Roll
TPI220-SS Sealant Strip 20 Feet
TPICW-30 Wrap, Clear 4x3 1 Roll
TPIVT-1 Tube, Vent 2 Each
TPIPT-97 Tape, Pressure 1 Roll
TPIAT-2 Tape, Aluminum 1 Roll
TPIET-10 End Tape 1” 1 Roll
TPICTMW-24 Wrap, Muslin 1 Roll
TPIDR-T Tape, DR 2" 2 Roll
TPI-W Wipe, Cleaning 1 Each
TPICT-18W 18" Cable Ties 20 Each
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