About Us

Telepak Industries has been a leader in creating, redesigning, and re-engineering of specific, specialty and MRO products to the telecommunication and other utilities since 1995. With numerous worldwide partnerships in engineering, design and manufacturing entities, Telepak has the capability to provide its customers with products that meet or exceed any specifications or requirements they may have or want to establish.

When required, Telepak's telecommunication products are subjected to extensive 3rd party testing that requires these items to meet or exceed Bell-Core/Telcordia/ATSM/RUS Standards. Products are then presented to the Telco's standards committee for further review and field trials which are coordinated and monitored by both the Telco and Telepak's staff. Telepak Industries recommends and provides similar testing and field trials on all products sourced by our Technical Support and Sourcing Specialist team prior to being added to our product line.

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